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My dad is my hero! He is one of 14 children born and raised in Montvale, Va. He was taken out of school in the 7th grade to help my grandparents raise his younger siblings. After serving in the Army during the Vietnam War, he awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star with Valor. He has been a volunteer with the Montvale Fire Department for over 30 years and alongside my stepmother, he raises my 14 year old nephew and is the only father he has ever known. He is very active in the church and is always there for anyone that needs a hand. From sun up to sun down, dad works hard every single day but always finds time to answer my phone calls and tell me how much he loves me and is proud of me. Little does he know, I sincerely hope I can one day be half the person he is!

Father's Name:  Carl Wayne Dooley
Vote Totals:  10
My husband Mike, is not only a GREAT man but, Father and as I see him at work feel like he is not only the Dad of the hour but, Father of the YEAR!

We are a foster / adopt home and even though we can not have children of our own he has taking in the kids that we foster and our Adopted children as if they were his own.... from taking time to LISTEN to problems.. to playing the WII.. taking us fishing... camping.. always take time for KIDS.
Mike has been on his job at Home Depot for more then 20 years and keeps working to provide ..I see a tired man from work that still comes home to "play with the Kids"
What a honor to have this man in our lives.
Thanks for allowing me to share " our man of the Year and Years to come with you.
The Freeman Foster Family Home.
Father's Name:  Mike Freeman
Vote Totals:  12
My dad, John Young, has been an inspiration to me over the past three years. There are many reasons why I believe that he is a Father of June. He is a father to four children, 18 (me), 16, 12, and a 3 year old. My mother, Linda Young, was diagnosed with stage four-colon cancer in December of 2010 and I’ve never seen such an amazingly strong caregiver as my dad. He took endless days off work to go sit by her side as she got chemo, take her down to her appointments at Duke University, and take care of us kids when she was sick from the chemo. If there is one man that stepped up to the plate it was him, even when everything seemed to be falling apart for my family he was “our rock” as my mother called him.
When my mom was told she didn’t have much time left with us as a result of the cancer, my dad took her on a cruise for their 20th anniversary to where they had first honeymooned in Bermuda. I remember being in awe of my dad for making my mom so happy when she was so sick. I never saw him cry until the week she passed away. He had been the most inspiring caregiver I had ever seen, always there, making sure she was okay, getting her appointments at different doctors, all the while still supporting our family and not once being selfish..
Just ...
Father's Name:  John Young
Vote Totals:  67
I would like to nominate My Husband Mark. He is the Wonderful Father of Our 3 Sons Logan, Luke & Landon. When Our 1st Son Logan was born, He was full term & I had a great pregnancy. Logans neck was broken by forceps. We were devastated to say the least. We cried and prayed a lot. The next day Mark said We ARE going to do this !! Logan is a gift from GOD. Mark learned quickly how to change a trach, suction, tube feed & knew Logans vent upside down when any alarms would go off. Now almost 16 years later (THANK GOD) Logan has always had 24 hour Nursing care and still to this day....They ask Mark questions!! Logan is paralyzed & has never taken a breath on his own but, with Faith, Lots of Love from Many and Marks determination, Logan loves life & is so very happy. I was just so nervous about being a New Mommy & My Husband came in and took over as New daddy and Best Nurse I have ever known.
Father's Name:  Mark Johnson
Vote Totals:  225
From: staff at Blue Ridge Isotopes

We would like to nominate Dave, father to 2 young children. As a manager here At BRI, Dave has a great many, time comsuming, responsibilities that necessitates long hours at work and away from home. Nonetheless, he doesn't let work interfear with his kids and their activities. He and his wife are always at their daughter's activities after school. Dave is heavily involved with his son and the Boy Scouts, taking a leadership role and always at the meetings, camping trips, and the jamberree... and doing so at the loss of his own free time, not to mention all the sleep that he doesn't get. But, those things don't matter to Dave. What's important to him is to give his kids the opportunities and experiences that he wasn't always able to enjoy when he was their age. That's what makes a good dad...trying to give your kids a better life than you had and always there to make sure it can happen for them.
Father's Name:  Dave Arnold
Vote Totals:  1
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Fathers of June Contest

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